Personal Injury Law

The attorney at RaimoLaw LLC are experienced, responsive to the needs of their clients, and successful in negotiating fair settlements or litigating to favorable judgments.

Personal injury law covers many different situations and provides the opportunity for an injured person to sue another person at fault for those injuries. Personal injury law is often also referred to as tort law and cases are handled in civil, rather than criminal court. A person may face both civil and criminal charges for the same action, but the key differences include a lesser burden of proof in civil cases and the fact that civil penalties usually take the form of money damages paid to the injured party.

If you have been injured in a car accident or in some other way injured through the fault of another, our attorney are available for free initial consultation. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience, careful preparation and evaluation of the case, and our commitment to achieving the highest possible recovery.

RaimoLaw LLC is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of legal service. Practicing law is what we do. We put in the long hours and the hard work. We know the law and the legal system. We understand people who are experiencing a crisis and we learn everything necessary to fully understand our client's cases. We give our clients an honest, straight forward assessment of the merits of their case, evaluate the legal steps available, and endeavor to achieve the best possible result.